How will the sale of Rockgas from Contact Energy (Contact) to Gas Services New Zealand (GSNZ) impact customers and franchises?
We don’t expect customers, franchises or LPG refilling stations to be affected by the sale at all. You will continue to get the same great service that you have always enjoyed from Rockgas. Part of the sale included GSNZ and Contact Energy forming an alliance, where Contact continues to provide support services to Rockgas, including the customer call centre and credit control services for mass market customers. GSNZ operates the fulfilment side of the business by sourcing LPG, and picking up, refilling and delivering it to the mass market. GSNZ also directly manages bulk LPG customers, and supply branches and franchises.

Do I still contact the same people I always have to order LPG?
Yes. Rockgas’ call centre number is still 0800 762 542. A difference is that Rockgas now has its own dedicated website. In the past it has been a part of the Contact website. However, when you order through, you will still be automatically linked through to Contact’s website for ordering.

Why is this? Will Contact continue to sell Rockgas LPG to customers?
Yes. Contact has formed an alliance with GSNZ. This allows Contact to continue to market Rockgas LPG and service Rockgas LPG customers. This means you continue to benefit from customer promotions through Contact. As part of this alliance, you will be redirected to Contact’s website from the Rockgas website for promotions and online LPG bottle ordering.

Will I still be able to use the Rockgas app for ordering?
Yes. You can still use our app to order LPG bottles.

Why did GSNZ purchase Rockgas?
Our speciality is gas. Rockgas complements our existing gas business and will allow us to meet customer demand for gas regardless of their location. It will allow us to leverage our knowledge, expertise and resources to promote LPG. Rockgas also fits well with our long-term investment approach, which is to diversify and grow our business.

What is GSNZ?
GSNZ’s sister company First Gas is New Zealand’s largest owner and operator of gas networks, with more than 2,500km of high pressure gas transmission pipes and about 4,800km of gas distribution pipes in the North Island. First Gas’ focus is a safe, reliable supply of gas to more than 65,500 customers throughout the North Island. While Rockgas will be owned by GSNZ, it will be run as part of the First Gas group.

Is GSNZ making changes to Rockgas?
For Rockgas staff, its customers and franchisees, it’s business as usual.

Will the Rockgas name and brand be retained?
Yes, GSNZ is committed to retaining and promoting the Rockgas brand.