We can get LPG to your business in a way that suits your needs and location.

Turning the gas on is easy. Just use our online enquiry form to let us know exactly what it is you need.

Or, if you need to talk it through, give us a call on 0800 762 542 for handy advice on the best options for you. We’ll talk you through the details and get you connected.

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Order LPG refills

Order your refills online or by calling 0800 307 300. It’s an easy, automated system, available 24 hours a day.

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Piped LPG

If you live in certain parts of Canterbury, Queenstown and Wanaka, we can pipe LPG straight to your property. You will have a constant supply and won’t have to think about deliveries – we’ll just need to read your meter.

Bulk it up

If you have high LPG demand, a bulk tank supply may be the way to go. It provides constant gas supply for large industrial and commercial businesses, such as horticultural greenhouses, indoor livestock farms, and manufacturing for milk powder or bread products.

The tank is installed on site and pipes are run to where the gas is needed.

Give us a call on 0800 762 542 and we can give you advice on where to position your tank, isolation distances and legal requirements. We may also be able to help with capital investment into the infrastructure you may need.

Pair up handy gas packs

Our gas cylinders are a great way to go. Our standard LPG pack has two 45kg cylinders – delivered to your door. We can do multi-cylinder installations for larger businesses. When one gas cylinder empties, your regulator should automatically switch to the next cylinder. Give us a call when that happens, and we’ll replace the empty cylinder.

Some of our larger customers go for a standing order so cylinders are replaced on a regular basis.

New gas installations need a gas fitting certificate issued by a craftsman gasfitter before the gas can be turned on and available for use.

Soak it up

Gas can give you continuous hot water – perfect for hospitality, hotel and health industries. Water is heated as it’s used, so you’ll never run cold, and it’s cost efficient because you’re only paying to heat the water you use.

Get cosy quickly

Gas heating comes on quickly. It’s perfect for providing easily controlled heat, for instance to optimise crop yield or with livestock management. At the fancier end of the scale, there are attractive gas heating options for hotel lobbies or special guest rooms, with flame-effect gas fires. Large scale heating or luxury cosiness – gas covers the field.

Kitchen whizz

Gas is king in the kitchen. Chefs love cooking with it because of the instant heat and quick temperature control. And in a busy kitchen the visibility of a gas flame has added advantages – along with the swift cool down. Whatever you’re whipping up, gas is top of the menu.

The great all rounder

Gas ticks boxes all over the place for a bundle of industries. Gas fired laundry equipment is quick and cost effective. Automotive paint ovens love the accuracy and speed of gas. Gas makes smart sense for most businesses – from bistros to large manufacturing sites.

Get together with a gasfitter

It’s a legal requirement that your gas is installed by a certified gasfitter. To check they’re the real deal, ask to see their card issued by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board. Or check out www.pgdb.co.nz and click on ‘search the public register’.

If you need to find a gasfitter try: