We make LPG easy

Whether you need LPG for your heating, cooking or hot water needs, we make it easy by delivering 45kg bottles to your home. 

Most gas appliances can be connected to our bottles which are mounted to the outside of your house.

Each gas installation needs a gas fitting certificate issued by a craftsman gasfitter before the gas can be turned on and is available for use.

For more information on choosing a certified gasfitter please visit masterplumbers.org.nz.

If you are ready to go, call us on 0800 762 542 and tell us:

  • Where you live
  • Where you would like the bottles fitted
  • The name of your gasfitter

We might need to pay you a visit to check if your house is suitable for supply.

Bottled gas refill

When one gas bottle empties, your LPG regulator should automatically switch to the next bottle. Give us a call on 0800 762 542, order here or use our Rockgas App when that happens, and we will replace the empty bottle.

Legal minimum clearance required when positioning two 45kg Rockgas LPG bottles

Visit lpga.co.nz and pgdb.co.nz for information on the industry code of practice.

Bottle distances from ignition sources

Note: NZ Regulations require a Location Compliance Certificate to be issued for sites with more than 100kg of LPG (more than 2 x 45kg bottles)

Our app

Get your bottled gas fast and easy with our Rockgas App.

This handy app allows you to:

  • Enter your account and delivery address
  • Use the slider to tell us how many bottles you need
  • Select the Rockgas outlet nearest you
Download from Google Play
Download from the App Store

How much does bottled gas cost?

The price for bottled gas varies across the country and depends on a number of factors, including your location and transport costs. If you would like to know the price in your area, give us a call on 0800 762 542 and let us know where you live and how many bottles you would like at your home.

Click here for Rockgas service fees.

Order LPG refills

Order your refills online or by calling 0800 307 300. It’s an easy, automated system, available 24 hours a day.

Make payments easier by setting up a direct debit payment.

Make paying your account easy by setting up a Direct Debit for your account using the form below.

Download and fill in this Direct Debit Form

Alternatively, you can pay your account through internet banking using the bank account details and preferred payment references shown below.

Bank Account Number02-0544-0241419-00
Bank Payee NameRockgas Limited – Customer Payment
Account NameAccount NumberPhone number

Piped LPG

If you live in certain parts of Canterbury, Queenstown and Wanaka, we can pipe LPG straight to your property. You will have a constant supply and won’t have to think about deliveries – we’ll just need to read your meter.