Auto LPG can be a great option if you want to save some dollars – especially if you have multiple vehicles.

Where to fill up

Rockgas Auto LPG is available at over 180 service stations from Kaitaia to Invercargill – New Zealand’s largest Auto LPG refuelling network. You can also buy Auto LPG from Rockgas LPG sites around the country.

View map to find the Rockgas Auto LPG service closest to you.

Rockgas Auto LPG Fuel Card

Our Auto LPG Fuel Card is a personalised charge card used to purchase Auto LPG for your vehicle.

It’s a convenient way to buy Rockgas Auto LPG from most major service station outlets supplied with Auto LPG. You can also use it to buy Auto LPG at selected Rockgas outlets around the country.

Auto LPG Fuel Card benefits

  • Get savings available exclusively to Auto LPG Fuel Card members
  • No transaction charges or annual subscription fees
  • Easily keep track of Auto LPG Fuel Card use with monthly itemised statements
  • Your name and car registration number are printed on the card for greater security, and you have the option of including a PIN number
  • Pay in full by direct debit fortnightly or monthly. Download a Direct Debit form

Savings with Auto LPG Fuel Card

By using your Auto LPG Fuel Card, you’ll enjoy savings exclusive to members only. Retail pump pricing at LPG sites may vary from site to site, but using your Auto LPG Fuel Card will provide constant pricing relative to your location for refuelling.

Costs for your particular usage are best determined through consultation with us. Give us a call on 0800 807 300 to discuss your Auto LPG pricing.

Rockgas Auto LPG Loan

We offer an interest-free loan, with no credit fees, to business customers to assist with converting an existing vehicle to LPG. The loan is repayable over a 15-month period.
The interest-free loan is available to those with an expected Auto LPG usage of 400 litres per month or more (this generally equates to travelling 40,000km or more per year) who commit to using the Auto LPG Fuel Card for 36 months.

The LPG installer you intend to use will be able to advise you of your likely monthly LPG usage based on the kilometres you drive and the type of vehicle being converted.

The vehicle being converted should not be older than five years and have travelled less than 170,000km at the time of conversion. Vehicles outside this guideline will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Applying for your Auto LPG Fuel Card and Conversion Loan is easy!

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If your loan application is approved, Rockgas will notify you and return a copy of the loan documentation for your records. If your loan is not approved, we will contact you.

For help completing the application form or for any further information on the Rockgas Conversion Loan or the Auto LPG Fuel Card:
Call our Customer Care Team on 0800 807 300 – 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.