System error

On Tuesday 27 June, between 7am-10am, due to a system error some customers have received a duplicate copy of an invoice and/or credit memo. The words “Copy Tax Invoice” appear in the top right-hand corner of the invoice only. This is not a request for payment and customers are not required to take any further action.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Why is Rockgas changing its systems? 

Our aging systems no longer provide the tools to support the excellent customer service experience Rockgas strives to provide its customers. In moving to a new system our aim is to modernise, simplify and provide tools that will improve our service to our customers.  

Some of the benefits of moving to our new system include: 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Better tools and features such as delivery notifications. 
  • Improved Efficiency: Allows Rockgas to automate many of its manual processes that will improve efficiency and reduce errors, enabling us to deliver faster and more accurate services to our customers.  
  • Better Data Management: Improve data management and help Rockgas to identify trends and improve its services based on customer needs. 
  • Future Proofing: Rockgas will be better equipped to adapt to new technology and our customer’s demands in the future. 

Overall, the move to a new system is a positive step for Rockgas and our customers. The improved tools, efficiency, data management, and future-proofing capabilities of our new system will allow Rockgas to provide improved customer service. 

Why is Rockgas changing my invoice due date (payment terms)? 

Overall, the payment term is aimed at providing customers with greater flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to managing their payments. 

As a residential customer will there be changes to the payment date? 

Instead of paying on the 20th of the following month, customers will have 20 days from the invoice date to make payments. The due date will be prominently displayed on customer invoices for convenience. 

What is the location ID, and why is it changing? 

At Rockgas, we assign a location ID to every customer address in order to more easily identify and track their delivery locations. While we traditionally used numbers to identify these locations, we have recognised that this can be confusing for some of our customers. 

To address this, we are transitioning to a new location ID system that will provide clearer identification for our customers. This new system will allow customers to more easily identify which of their sites we are referring to and can improve delivery accuracy and streamline our operations. 

For most customers, their location ID will be simply known as “Main”, as they will only have one delivery location. However, for customers with multiple supply addresses, this system will provide an additional way to identify each delivery location. Some examples of possible secondary location IDs include “Flat”, “Barn”, “Granny Flat”, “Office”, or “Shed”. Overall, this new system is aimed at improving our service to customers by providing clearer and more accurate location identification. 

Why has Rockgas stopped sending statements? 

Rockgas has decided to discontinue automatically issuing end-of-month statements to all customers. Our payment terms have been amended to 20 days following invoicing, making statements no longer necessary. Additionally, some customers have found our statements confusing and have mistaken them for a second invoice.  

If you are a customer and would still like to receive a statement in the post, please request using this webform on our website.

When will I receive delivery notifications? 

Customers who choose to receive delivery notifications will be alerted both the night before and the morning of their delivery, as well as upon completion of the delivery.  

Will there be changes to my delivery days? 

Our new system enables us to efficiently deliver gas to more customers and minimise overall wait times. Customers in areas with less frequent deliveries will not experience any changes, as we will continue to follow our past practices. However, in the event of any planned changes to delivery days or frequencies, we will notify affected customers in advance. 

Will I still be able to schedule a delivery day? 

Thanks to our improved customer delivery notification system, we will no longer require customers to book a specific delivery day. Instead, we will provide advance notice of the scheduled delivery the night before and morning of the delivery, allowing customers to put dogs away and open gates for example, ensuring our driver has safe access to make their LPG delivery. If for any reason a customer needs to book a specific day, our team can accommodate this with reasonable notice, subject to availability. 

If Rockgas is unable to complete my delivery, will I be notified? 

If, for any reason, Rockgas is unable to complete your delivery, customers who are set up to receive delivery notifications will be notified shortly thereafter and provided with an explanation for the delay. 

What changes have been made to the Rockgas Terms and Conditions? 

Most of the changes to our terms and conditions have been implemented to support the updates outlined above. We highly recommend that all Rockgas customers take the time to review and become familiar with the Sale and Supply of Rockgas LPG terms and conditions on our website. This will enable customers to have a better understanding of the changes and how they may impact services, as well as ensure that customers are up to date with the Rockgas policies and procedures.