How to choose the right gas appliance for your new renovation 

Renovating your home is an exciting time, but with so many big decisions to make, making the right choice can be a daunting task. We’re here to help take the pain out of the appliance choice for your home, with this step-by-step guide.

Gas appliances offer efficiency, reliability, and are cost-effective, but with so many options to choose from, what factors should you consider?

  1. Write your list: Before diving into appliance selection, assess your household’s needs and priorities. Determine which appliances are essential for your daily life and comfort and which of those would suit best to be gas. Consider your cooking habits, hot water usage, heating requirements, and whether you have gas from the street, or bottled LPG (or in the future, Biogas).
  2. Size and Capacity: Consider the size of your family and select the appliance accordingly. For example, do you need more burners on the stove top; how big is your water heater? Can it handle a shower, plus washing machine and dishwasher running at once?
  3. Quality products: Invest in gas appliances from reputable brands known for their quality, durability, and reliability. Research customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to gauge the performance and satisfaction levels of different appliance models. Make sure you get a warranty and understand the customer support post-installation if required.
  4. Check you understand the installation: Will your new gas appliances be compatible with your existing infrastructure? If using bottled gas, check the Rockgas website to see where they deliver to make sure you can refill when required. Always check the manufacturer’s installation instructions so you don’t forfeit the warranty with the incorrect installation.
  5. Budget Considerations: Compare prices, features, and specifications across different brands and models to find options that offer the best value for your investment. Don’t forget to budget for professional installation and potential upgrades or modifications to your home’s infrastructure.
  6. When in doubt ask: Seek guidance from technicians, plumbers, or interior designers, who can provide expert advice and recommendations based on your specific needs and preferences. They deal with a range of appliances on a regular basis so will have an up to date understanding of what’s available.
Male hand interior designer using tape measure on gas stove on modern countertop in kitchen showroom. Shopping appliance for domestic kitchen. Home improvement concept

If you need further advice, then one of our friendly Rockgas team can also advise you on options available, particularly around installation connecting to bottled gas.