Christmas Feast

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of gas

When it comes to a Christmas feast, the traditional oven-roasted turkey or ham might be the go-to options for many, but with the Kiwi summer starting to show promising signs of delivering some nicer weather, why not take your Christmas lunch or dinner outside to the BBQ this year? A twist to your Christmas celebration without the relatives clogging up your lounge.

Selecting the right Grill

A gas grill is super convenient and takes the preparation and guesswork out of a charcoal option. Many gas BBQs have both a grill, a hot plate and a rotisserie so you can cook multiple elements at the same time, and feed a crowd.

Start with some amazing appetizers

Set the tone for your BBQ feast with delicious appetizers straight from the grill, which also buys you time to get the main meal sorted. Skewers loaded with Hapuka chunks, marinated cherry tomatoes, and some fresh capsicum not only look great but taste yummy too. For a heartier option, grill up some stuffed mushrooms filled with cream cheese, garlic, and herbs.

Turkey with a twist

Bid farewell to the traditional roasted turkey and cook the main event outside on the BBQ. Marinate the turkey overnight in a brine; a solution of water, salt, bay leaves and peppercorns. This allows for maximum juiciness. We love the recipe from Fresh Choice here. Slow-cook it on the grill, ideally with the BBQ lid down. If turkey is not your thing, opt for a shoulder of lamb, again slow-cooked, or a rotisserie BBQ chicken.

Don’t forget the veges

If you really want to go all in on the BBQ for Christmas, you can also do your veges on here too. Asparagus and courgettes work well grilled, as do capsicum and even brussel sprouts if you can convince the kids to eat them!

Be generous with sauce

There’s nothing like Christmas for an excuse to break out the fancy sauces – think cranberry sauce or beetroot relish. Or take advantage of the fresh herbs in the garden and create your own mint jelly or mint sauce. Also make sure you have enough tomato sauce on hand. While most chefs will perish the thought, if there are grandkids or nieces and nephews present, it’s guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

Did you know you can also have BBQ dessert?

Who says the grill is only for savoury dishes? Grilled peaches with a drizzle of honey, cinnamon, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream make for a simple yet fabulous ending to your Christmas feast. Or ditch the pavlova and go for grilled chocolate-stuffed bananas – another sure-fire hit with the kids.

The bonus of cooking outside is less mess in the kitchen, the cook is in the heart of the Christmas action and it’s a uniquely Southern Hemisphere opportunity. Cross your fingers El Nino delivers.

Our Rockgas franchisees are open right up until Christmas Eve, so you can make sure your gas bottle is ready to go for the festive season. For locations and opening hours check here