Are you ready to BBQ at the Bach this Easter? Check out these tips before you start

Easter is around the corner and many families will be hopping off on holiday to enjoy a four-day weekend at the Bach, and if the weather plays nicely, there will still be sunshine for outdoor dining.

Most Kiwi baches offer a BBQ, but before you fire it up and settle into relaxation mode, there are some essential tips and tricks to consider. Our Rockgas team has compiled some basic safety advice on checking an unfamiliar BBQ before you throw the first snag or shrimp on the grill.

  1. Check out the overall look of the BBQ: Look for any signs of rust, corrosion, or damage to the metal components, including the frame, grates, and burners. Make sure it’s not wobbly, and on a robust surface so it won’t tip over while you’re cooking.
  2. Check the Gas Connections: Give all of the hoses and connections a good once over, looking for signs of wear, cracks, or leaks. If you want to be really vigilant, you can use soap and water to test for leaks by applying it to the connections and observing for bubbles. If it’s leaking, don’t use it and notify the bach owner or take it in to your nearest Rockgas team so they can perform a safety check.
  3. Give it a good clean: Some of these BBQs may not have been used since the summer holidays, so may have some treasure inside. Give it a good clean with a wire brush and even just household detergent if they have no BBQ cleaner on hand. Nobody needs a grease flare up and the BBQ on fire instead of a nicely flamed steak!
  4. Test the ignition system: Listen for the clicking sound when you press the ignition button, indicating that the spark igniters are working. You may have to use manual ignition so have a lighter or ideally a long match on stand-by.
  5. Be prepared: It might seem like overkill, but having a fire extinguisher, baking soda, or bucket of sand nearby means you will be ready to extinguish anything should the BBQ flare up.
  6. Watch your kids: Keep inquisitive children, excited by the prospect of a holiday in a different house, away from the BBQ and fingers out of reach of the hot plate. Don’t leave the BBQ unattended, unless they decide they need to “help” when you are not looking.

By following these simple measures, you can relax in the knowledge that you will have a great Easter, full of delicious BBQ treats and hopefully some Easter Eggs!